Exhibition Stands.

Saracen cycle show Earls Court stand. (55,000 visitors)

There are over 1000 stickers on the posts... I didnt put them on individually though... I made one huge file which was printed - I then wrapped it carefully around the post while teetering on a ladder and then pushed all the bubbles out.


This was my original rough concept drawing. The man eating the storage room door on the left was used but I dont have a photo unfortunately! We moved the fence to make it easier for the visitors to access the stand.


Heres the stand as we were setting up - seeing that my HUGE decals didnt have any mistakes was a big relief....


I designed little tower blocks to hold the catalog packs.


Its meant to have an urban/cartoony feel.


Sticker post up closer


I was delighted to win 2nd best stand in show!


Icebike trade show 2011

This is another stand I designed/produced with a slightly lower budget at the Madison Icebike show.


The righthand image shows the graphic I made for a 30 metre 'road' to show the urban models.


Background hoardings showing the comic noir story and a photo of one of the sponsored riders - I gave it an HDR effect in photoshop to give it a hyper realistic look.


Oversize wooden t-shirt adverts to promote the clothing ranges.


The kids bike area