Icons and Logos.

Saracen Bikes Logo


Pak it Logo (uk camping brand)





BMX logo

The middle one is the one that has been used on the current bmx range. Below is a version i made for a custom "Paul King" Bmx bike frame.



Madison Clothing logo

Saracen Big Air Logo


Here is the logo as a banner at Fort Bill (Scotland)

Saracen Urban Clevermike - bike logo

Clevermike = bike. Cockney Slang.


Saracen Aplitude bikes logo - used on the bike forks.

Incorporates the bike material (4130 cro-mo) into a barcode... clever


Sizemic Logo

A logo for the sizemic research network: sizemic.org. I also made their website.


Atlantis and Invitro program icons

Four Icons for world leader in marine ecosystem modelling, Dr Beth Fulton.

Whales for a Nature Paper



Sheffield Marine Research Forum logo



International conference on Parasitic Plants logos